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X-CELERATE is a non-ionic surfactant,
developed by Royal Oil Company to work on
Roundup resistant weeds, like Marestail,
Waterhemp, Lambsquarter, and Kochia.  
Not chemical or weed specific, producers have
also seen significant results on Leafy Spurge
as well.

Cleaner fields with fewer passes is just one way
X-celerate can help save money, as we all know, a
better kill can equate to better yields too.

Not only is it a powerful surfactant, X-celerate also
has your De-foamer, Drift control, Crop oil and AMS.

With a starting rate of $1 per acre or less, it's a
huge savings to producers.  Compared to other
products it could be a savings of up to $6 per acre.

In the four years that X-celerate has been on the
market in SD & NE we have had customers
reporting 3-7 bushels to acre increase on wheat
and soybeans where they are using X-celerate over
the areas they are not.  Equate that into your cost
and it very well could cost you NOTHING to use

X-celerate has a 98% customer buyback year to
From 2012 to 2016 X-celerate has gone from
1000 acres sold to
over 1.5 million acres sprayed
in four years. You owe your farm a chance to make
a profit!  

Give us a call at 605-840-2564 and we will do what
we can, to make your bottom line more profitable.

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